Anzhi live.

Anzhi live.

The Arena Khimki stadium by right holds a palm among stadiums of the Russian Premier League on fisticuffs. This time has got not to the former football player of Dynamo, but to fans from Dagestan for the calculation paper modules of the text "Anzhi live".

The unenviable financial condition of FC Anzhi has moved fans of club to an action provocative, frankly speaking, during the match of the 6th tour of the Russian Premier League of Dynamo - Orenburg. The staff of control and administrative service of stadium has allowed not only a bringing on the sector of A-4 of not coordinated means of support, but also the subsequent showdown between fans on fists. By miracle the women and children who are present at stadium haven't suffered!

 For this offense punishment according to article 20.31 Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences "Violation of the rules of behavior of the audience at holding official sports competitions" is prescribed.

Article provides imposing of an administrative penalty at the rate from three thousand to ten thousand rubles or obligatory works for a period of up to hundred sixty hours with imposing of the administrative ban on visit of venues of official sports competitions in days of their carrying out for a period of six months up to three years or without that.