Don't take me home!

Don't take me home!

Relatives of an English fan, Douglas Moreton, who disappeared in Russia during the World Cup 2018, ask the users of social networks for help. The missing fan was last seen in Samara on Friday, July 6. However, according to our information, Douglas safely boarded at the Samara railway station to the train No. 49, car 1, place 109 and arrived at Kazanskiy railway station in Moscow at 5:45 am on July 1.

What to do if a person is missing?

If a person went missing it is necessary to make a statement to the internal affairs bodies, along with independent searching organizations, so that the police officers start searching. There is a wrong common opinion that you can apply for a search of a missing person to the police only three days after his disappearance, but this is not true. You can make a statement in any police department, regardless of the place of residence or the place of disappearance of a person. Information about the missing person can be communicated to the police department in person or by phone.

The police officers have no right to reject statements, moreover, the duty officer is obliged to accept a statement about the disappearance of a person immediately regardless of the length of his absence and the place of the alleged disappearance. If officers in the local department refuse to admit a statement for the search of a missing citizen, you need to contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs telephone hotline or address to the duty officer of the local department of the Ministry.

When searching for a missing person, any information about him is important: his phone numbers, IMEI number of mobile phones, addresses of friends and family, data on habits and hobbies, place of work, sphere of communication, circumstances of disappearance. You should always pay attention to what kind of clothes your family and friends wear when they leave the house, especially minors and people of old age - where, with whom, what route and why they go out. If they are in possession of any documents. It is recommended to gather data on the availability and movement of funds of your family members.

Make sure there are clear and fresh photos of all family members and close relatives in your family album. Home movies and video materials can be very helpful for the search. If there are people among your relatives suffering from diseases that can lead to loss of memory or orientation, we recommend that you put in their pockets notes with full set data and residence address. Such notes can also be sewn to the clothes.

P.S. Upon arrival in Moscow, Douglas Moreton refused all kinds of assistance. Based upon the information of the newspaper Kommersant, he is using his credit card and most likely the next destination of his trip will be St. Petersburg.