Everything on the field stays on the field?

Everything on the field stays on the field?

The confrontation on the football field between the teams of commentators MatchTV and bloggers of Amkal did not end with the final whistle of the referee. It followed not only the call to battle, but insulting diss on Youtube. Round?

FansHotline24 appealed for review to the leading lawyer of the European legal service to Rail Gizatov.

This video contains profanity that is directed directly at a particular person. If the citizen was harmed in the form of humiliation of honor and dignity , expressed in an indecent form, the author of the video can be held liable for an administrative offense, and under civil procedure law.

In order to establish the guilt of the author of the video, it is necessary to apply to the Prosecutor's office on the fact of initiation of proceedings under article 5.61 of the administrative Code "Insult contained in a public speech, publicly demonstrated work or media" for which responsibility is provided in the form of an administrative fine for citizens in the amount of three thousand to five thousand rubles; for officials - from thirty thousand to fifty thousand rubles; for legal entities - from one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rubles.

In addition, in the case of establishing the guilt of the author of the video, the injured citizen may, within the scope of the articles 151 and 152 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation to demand in court the retraction of information that insulted the honor and dignity and to demand compensation of moral harm.

In a court of this kind cases are considered and the prospect of consideration of such cases in favor of the plaintiffs. The main evidence in this case will be the video itself, as well as evidence of physical and moral suffering caused to the citizen.