"Fan Bosman" against UEFA. Whether the precedent will be created?

"Fan Bosman" against UEFA. Whether the precedent will be created?

Dozens of citizens of Russia haven't been allowed under personalized tickets for a match 3 qualification rounds of the Champions League of UEFA 2018/2019 PAOK Spartak. It is not the first case of discrimination of Russians on national sign and direct violation of Art. 14 of the Convention on protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Earlier citizens of Russia haven't been allowed on a match of a group round of the Champions League of UEFA 2017/2018 Seville Spartak.

We will separately allocate the facts of illegal action of staff of the Greek police and stewards of Tumba stadium which haven't let on a match of citizens of Russia under in advance bought personalized tickets. Also citizens of Russia have been limited in freedom of movement, detained, taken away in the unknown direction, opportunities to contact consulate of the Russian Federation to Thessaloniki are deprived, interrogated without presence of the consul and the translator, searched, stripped naked (!!!) also more than 3 hours in the conditions of poorly reminding human contained.

It is known that the decision of disciplinary committee of UEFA on these matches has forbidden sales of tickets to the so-called "guest" sector. However Spartacus's rivals have gone further and, in coordination with UEFA, in general have forbidden sale of tickets for matches to citizens of Russia.

We will consider these cases from the point of view of the right. 

The decision of UEFA is not a standardly legal act. This decision of this organization and it shouldn't have such consequences as restriction of the rights and freedoms. The dispute with UEFA, football clubs Seville and PAOK concerning sale of tickets to citizens of Russia can be solved only in a judicial proceeding with involvement of lawyers of the European Union.

The Belgian football player Jean-Marc Bosman has spent 5 years for judicial proceedings from UEFA and has carried the case. Whether will be among injured fans - citizens of Russia "fan Bosman" who will also change the world?