Football out of policy.

Football out of policy.

Fans repeatedly said that soccer and stands out of policy. However and in our country and abroad banners in support of the DPR, in memory of the dead in the Trade Unions Building in Odessa, trolling of BBC TV company and even against construction of nuclear power plant appeared!

The user of Instagram Petro Starchenko has published on the page the photo in a t-shirt with the inscription "Glory to Ukraine" and has promised that he will come in her to the next home game of Spartacus.

The editorial office FansHotline24 has addressed for the comment the leading lawyer of the European legal service Vitaly Melnikov.

Greeting "Glory to Ukraine!" it was accepted as the organizational password greeting among members of OUN and UPA and can be associated with the called organizations. Now the specified greeting is used by the organizations "Right Sector", "Ukrainian National Assembly — Ukrainian People's Self-Defence" (UNA - UNSO), Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA) which are recognized by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 11/17/2014 in the matter of N AKPI14-1292S extremist and their activity in the territory of the Russian Federation is forbidden.

Part 1 of article 20.3 Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences has provided administrative responsibility for promotion or public demonstration of attributes or symbolics of the extremist organizations. In this regard, appearing in the territory of the Russian Federation in an undershirt with a similar inscription, its owner can be, under certain circumstances, to be brought to the responsibility established by the law.