If a fight is inevitable, strike first.

If a fight is inevitable, strike first.

Another victim of Mr. Sergey Kiryakov, a master of sport of the USSR, is Mr. Igor Rabiner, a sports journalist. A couple of years ago during a football competition held in Dynamo stadium he knocked out of the participants of the competition.

The conflict between Mr. Kiryakov and Mr. Rabiner occurred during the shooting of “Myach” football show of MatchTV. According to the Facebook post of Mr. Rabiner, the reason was his publication that dates back to May 2017 where he criticized the work of Mr. Kiryakov as the manager of Arsenal FC (Tula).

In the end of the day Mr. Rabiner now has few options of dealing with the situation:

1) Understand and forgive the attacker;

2) Take a few lessons from Vasiliy “Killer” Stepanov and deal with the matter in a manly manner;

3) Turn to the Police.

After some hesitation, Mr. Rabiner decided to take the third option. He suffered minor health damage and physical pain, thus, in accordance with the Russian legislation, the case will be opened only if the victim turns to the Police. If he suffered medium or serious health damage, a case would have been opened even without a relevant notice to the Police.

As we can see from the publications of Mr. Rabiner and the pictures of the incident, there is no medium or serious health damage. There is also no consequences in terms of his inability to work. Thus, the incident shall be qualified as an assault. In accordance with Art. 6.1.1 of the Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation an assault without consequences prescribed by Art. 115 of the Criminal Code cannot be qualified as a criminal offence, and is subject to administrative liability: a fine (5 000 – 30 000 rubles) or an administrative arrest (10-15 days) or community service (60-120 hours).