I am very sorry for those who have not been to Sochi.

I am very sorry for those who have not been to Sochi.

The Russian football season is starting with the matches of the second Russian division with 20 competitors, 3 of which cannot be promote 2nd teams of Spartak, Zenit and Krasnodar.

A few days ago 4 fans of Spartak FC from Nizhniy Novgorod faced problems whilst trying to enter Sochi after travelling 1900 km. Pursuant to the security regime for the World Cup, they were stopped by the Police, searched and restricted access to the city. They were recommended to refrain from visiting the match between Sochi FC and Spartak-2 FC.

Taking a closer look on the situation, we managed to identify a couple of violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with Order No. 664 of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation there is an exhaustive list of reasons for stopping the vehicle by the traffic police: verification of documents for the right to use and drive the vehicle, documents for the vehicle and the possessions transported; verification of identity documents of the driver and passengers, if there is a reasoned suspicion of them committing a crime or being wanted, or if there are grounds for an administrative case against these citizens and in other cases provided by the Law. Thus, there were legal grounds for stopping the vehicle. In accordance with current legislation there were no grounds for establishing a special security regime in the city. So, if the officers had suspicions, they had to formalized a list of procedural documents and arrest the vehicle.

However the can give recommendations to refrain from visiting the match, but a restriction to visit a match might be issued only by a court decision. And such a restriction cannot be linked with the right of the fans to enter the city.

Taking into consideration all of the above, the fans can file a complaint to the Prosecutors’ Office in order to hold an examination over an alleged abused of rank by the police officers.