Offer or Administrative Code?

Offer or Administrative Code?

Krasnodar has forbidden the fans throwing bottles in the second half of a home game of the 4th tour of the Russian Premier League with Spartak, access to stadium until the end of the year. "In case of repeated participation in similar incidents access to stadium forever will be forbidden them. Moreover, the penalty burden imposed on club as regress will be directed to these people" — it is said on the official site of club.

According to article 426 of the Civil code the contract signed by the person which is carrying out the enterprise or bringing income other activity, and establishing his obligations for sale of goods, to performance of work or rendering services which such person on the nature of the activity has to carry out concerning everyone who will address him is recognized as the Public contract.

That is FC Krasnodar can't forbid sale of tickets by the current legislation on the basis of the rules. The ban of visit of stadium on the basis of an established fact of throwing of bottles can be appealed by fans in a judicial proceeding.

According to the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences, the administrative ban on visit of sports competitions can be imposed only on the basis of the judgment. Therefore independently the organizer sports competitions (a football match) not to a mozha to forbid to visit sports competitions. For the correct solution of a question of the ban of visit of a match of FC Krasnodar it is necessary to transfer information on violation of the rules of behavior of the audience when holding official sports competitions to law enforcement agencies which already in turn have to make the protocol on administrative offense and bring materials to trial.