Woman is the beginning of the beginning, it is light and darkness, it is day and night…

Woman is the beginning of the beginning, it is light and darkness, it is day and night…

Federico Addiechi explained the position of the FIFA by the fact that the cases of sexist discrimination increased. Before this, the FIFA has already banned showing on TV kissing couples during matches. These kisses came under taboo, as they touched the feelings of viewers from Arab countries.

In the context of the current Russian legislation, the ban on broadcasting "beautiful girls" during matches can only be established by the rights holder's agreement to broadcast. When holding World Cup matches, the original owner of the match is FIFA. Then FIFA concludes an agreement with Russian and foreign TV channels. In this agreement, indeed, the right to broadcast individual objects and persons may be restricted. FIFA explained that cases of sexist discrimination increased. According to the FIFA, showing close-ups of attractive women on TV leads to the fact that fans start looking for these women and following them. That is why the right to broadcast girls close-up was restricted.

Restriction of the translation of girls close-up does not entail a violation of the current legislation, since there is no obligation for television companies to show a close-up of the fans, and the restriction is advisory rather than mandatory.

But if it happens, then there can be claims from the citizens.

Thus, in accordance with Article 152.1 of the Civil Code, the disclosure and further use of the image of a citizen (including his photographs, as well as videotapes or works of fine art in which he is depicted) are allowed only with the consent of that citizen. After the death of a citizen, his image can be used only with the consent of the children and the surviving spouse, and in their absence - with the consent of the parents. Such consent is not required in cases where, for example, the image of a citizen is obtained in places open to free access, or at public events (meetings, congresses, conferences, concerts, performances, sports competitions and similar events), except when such an image is the main object of use. That is, if a person is shot close-up and this goes on for a long time, then you can make claims about the removal of this video.

Due to the abovementioned, the ban on the broadcasting of "beautiful girls" may be within the limits of the law. In the opposite way, when the girls have been photographed without their consent, the beauties themselves can make claims to the TV company!